About Us

CG Analytics is a licensed Information Service Provider (ISP) in the state of Nevada. Licensed to create and distribute odds, CG Analytics provides the largest licensed sportsbook operator in the United States, CG Technology, with its opening, market-setting lines for all major sports. Extensive experience and concrete statistical models allow CG Analytics to complete the most in-depth analyses into each game and the factors influencing the outcomes.

The roots of CG Analytics can be traced back to Las Vegas Sports Consultants, Inc. (LVSC), a company founded in Las Vegas, NV in 1982. The company acted similarly to the way it does now in that it provided odds and point spread suggestions to many of the sports books in Nevada. Through its sports screen technology, the company also offered delivery of live odds on various U.S. and international sporting events. These services allowed the firm to provide consulting services in regards to house rules, futures odds, parlay cards, game integrity, injury monitoring and a variety of other sports betting related topics.

Re-branded as CG Analytics in January 2014, the company continues to utilize its sophisticated proprietary algorithms, “big data” analytics, expert staff and relationships with leagues and sports book operators to be the United States’ industry leader in Odds and Information as well as Game Integrity and Fraud Prevention Services.

As avid sports enthusiasts and a subsidiary of CG Technology, CG Analytics is committed to maintaining the integrity of sports and provides fraud prevention services to many of the major professional and collegiate sports leagues. Through its relationship with CG Technology, access to major sports data/analytics providers and using its own innovative techniques/technologies, CG Analytics is able to offer comprehensive group of products and services to the leagues.

By analyzing game, official and wagering data, CG Analytics is able to both identify and prevent scandals and outside manipulation and this represents its core business. The significant costs associated with any such scandals are not just monetary, but they end up affecting how the fans feel about the game. CG Analytics is dedicated to providing the best possible service to its customers in the name of protecting the leagues, players, officials and fans from any fraudulent activity, whether it be influenced by gamblers or other sources.