CG Analytics has an experienced leadership team of recognized industry leaders. The team prides itself on being the industry leader in odds and information services and is dedicated to fraud prevention and maintaining the integrity of sports. Please see below for more details.

Mr. Matthew B. Holt

Matthew B. Holt

Chief Operating Officer

As Chief Operating Officer, Mr. Holt is not only the head oddsmaker he is also responsible for overseeing the company’s expansion of clients, business development, and increasing international and national sales.

Originally from New Hampshire, Mr. Holt ventured to Las Vegas and over the course of a decade has become a leader in the sports wagering industry. Mr. Holt created unique and popular injury gathering tools, which were widely recognized by the industry. In 2011, he joined CG Analytics. CG Analytics sets the gold standard for fraud prevention allowing the company to offer fraud prevention and game integrity services to several professional and collegiate sports leagues. At CG Analytics, Mr. Holt created and built a suite of algorithms using big data analytics to formulate betting lines. Using these algorithms, CG Technology is typically first to open market lines on major sporting events. In addition to his role of Chief Operating Officer for CG Anayltics, Mr. Holt also embraces the position of Vice President of Business Development for CG Technology.

Mr. Holt holds a Sports Marketing degree from Morehead State University.
Frank Yi Data Analyst

Frank Yi

Data Analyst for CG Analytics

Mr. Yi is responsible for building and maintaining CG Analytics’s databases of sports statistics, line moves and wagering data. As a Data Analyst, Mr. Yi provides in-depth statistical analyses, evaluates sports data trends and creates industry reports for various professional and collegiate sports leagues. Mr. Yi’s primary role is Game Integrity which is to gather and analyze data looking for abnormalities to help prevent fraud from being a part of sports. He is also one of the primary oddsmakers for CG Analytics. CG Analytics provides odds to CG Technology who is one of the largest sports book operators in Nevada.

Prior to joining CG Anayltics, Mr. Yi worked for the UNLV Economics department as a graduate assistant.
There he helped teach supplemental instruction classes for Intermediate Microeconomics and Global Economics, which focus on the economic theory of business and the global economy.

Mr. Yi holds an MA degree in Economics from UNLV; his master’s thesis which estimates player salaries based on performance and position in American professional football.