Game Integrity & Fraud Prevention

In an effort to maintain the integrity of the game, CG Analytics monitors and analyzes many types of data and information for its customers. In particular, CGA attempts to identify any statistical abnormalities, data and trends in regards to teams, players and officials. Wagering data is extensively analyzed and is investigated alongside the official data provided by the teams, players and officials to identify any correlations.

Fraudulent activity in regards to sports and sports wagering comes in two main forms: Game Manipulation and Inside Information. Players, coaches and officials can have significant impacts on the outcome of a game. Of the three, officials have been the most susceptible to outside influences and have been at the forefront of many recent scandals. Sports wagering is also highly influenced by the power of information. The timing and manner in which information such as an injury is released can invite unscrupulous individuals around players, teams and officials. CGA also monitors these factors.

CG Analytics provides consulting services to the leagues with the main goal to always protect the leagues and maintain the integrity of every game. CGA looks to identify fraudulent activity, not just as it is happening, but before it happens, if possible. When necessary, CGA works directly with the leagues and any regulatory/criminal investigators to prevent and/or identify illegal activities occurring in regards to sports betting.