CG Analytics is one of only three licensed ISPs (Information Service Providers) in the state of Nevada and this license allows CG Analytics the right to distribute odds. Nevada is one of the most highly regulated gaming jurisdictions in the world and regulators across the globe are looking to Nevada when reforming their own regulations. As more and more operators look to acquire data from licensed sources, CG Analytics is becoming the gold standard in this area.

Using proprietary algorithms, the latest, most up-to-date statistics, injury, weather, team and player information as well the extensive experience of the oddsmaking team, CG Analytics creates betting lines for a wide variety of U.S. and international sports.

CG Analytics provides these lines to sports book operators like CG Technology, who uses them to set their opening odds for every event they offer. CG Analytics also provides odds to operators outside the U.S.

CG Analytics not only creates pre-match betting lines on such sports as soccer, basketball, football, tennis, baseball, hockey, boxing, MMA, auto racing, and golf, but they also create odds on several secondary markets for these sports as well. The odds creation is broken down into four major categories.

These are odds created for future events. For instance, CG Analytics creates NFL lines two weeks in advance of the game. We create odds for daily sports such as basketball, baseball, and hockey 48-72 hours prior to event scheduled start. This allows operators the opportunity to be first or early to open in the marketplace. CG Technology has been the first operator out with many major events due to the fact they had pricing already provided from CG Analytics.

Pre-match odds normally focus on major betting markets for these events such as sides and totals.

These are odds created on events that will happen in the future. Examples of these odds include team to win the Superbowl, team to win the World Series, team to win the NCAA college basketball tournament, etc. These odds can include a wide variety of wagering options including over/under season win totals for a team, and be as granular as team to win the AL East.

CG Analytics creates future prices for all major U.S. sports and major international events. These markets are extremely popular and operators want to get these markets up as soon as possible, oftentimes months in advance of the actual event. CG Technology opened their NFL odds to win next season’s Super Bowl very shortly after the Super Bowl ended.

Props are one of the fastest growing segments in U.S. sports betting. CG Analytics creates a wide variety of team and player props for basketball, football, baseball, hockey, major golf tournaments, MMA, soccer, tennis, and boxing.

CG Analytics uses as much statistical data on the players and teams as well as betting pattern data to create odds on exciting players, teams and other events that drive players to the operators locations and mobile apps.

Whether you use “In Running”, “In Game” or “Live” wagering as the term, this is a wager placed during the actual event. Odds shift quickly during events sometimes odds can shift after every play during an event.

CG Analytics has created a specific set of algorithms to accurately adjust prices according to what is happening during the event. We also partner with some of the top companies in the world at in game pricing which allows CG Analytics to provide the most comprehensive product available.